Wednesday, 26 September 2012

prototyping introduction

We got a brief to create a develop a idea that involved the subject of orange and on a fixed surfaced. This was challenge to come up with an idea that revolved around the subject of orange. we came up with a few idea's some that worked and some that were too tricky to develop, we decided to use an orange that had been cut in half to show segments as our game surface and built a small puzzle game that worked like a maze. The game worked as each player took a turn to roll a dice and instead of moving around the board the player moved the actual ring of the board around. The aim was to get to the centre of the board through the doors that are on each ring while trying to stop your opponents, if you rolled a 6 you picked a good card that could help you reach the centre a lot quicker but if u rolled a 1 you received a bad card that could push you further away. The game lasted for about 15 mins, was fun and ended up playing like a maze with shifting walls.

developed paper prototype game board

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bad Design from other media

This is Bolton's Marketplace shopping centre. The architectural for this building I would consider bad design. The building on the outside is still a traditional looking building as it has always been where as the interior is a modern looking shopping centre. I feel that these two very different styles don't work together as well as they should. They contrast too much drawing away from potential good design on both parts. The modern interior works but there is too much empty space where stalls could be.

The market place traditional outside

The market place modern interior

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Good design from other media

This is the logo for a package deliver company that is commonly know as Fed Ex. The logo was designed by Mr Lindon Leader of Leader creative. I think this design is really well thought out as it shows were the name of the of the company but illustrates it in way that suggests movement, shown through the arrow that is seen within the negative space that is between E and x. This stands out more prominently in the illustration bellow but the colour differences are what bring it out subconsciously. The way that the movement is suggested subconsciously suggests to people that the company has something to do with delivery makeing this design instantly effective. Once someone has noticed the arrow they are automatically draw to it again and again afterwards.

  The Fed Ex logo.

The Fed ex logo with the arrow pointed out.