Friday, 19 April 2013

beauty screenshots

I took a series of 8 screenshot of my level in udk to be put into my portfolio. these demonstrate how effectly i have used the lighting in udk and placed my modular assets in engine to create the environment. Their is also a landscape material and mesh placed under the level where have used heightmapping and 2 different materials to create the land mass.

maps and material editor in udk

I created various different maps for each of the modular assets withing my game. These included opacity, diffuse, specular and normal maps. I did however encounter a lot of problems with the opacity map on my windows. This was due to the opacity happening all over my assets and an error in my original max file that made all the assets act really strangely, I fixed this by re-doing all my modular assets ove rthe course of one day.

This is how i have set up my UDK material, showing each of the maps. The opacity map is in the alpha channel of the diffuse texture.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

google sketch up map

This map shows the original map I had for my level design. This was too ambiscious as their were too many interiours and the map was too large to create in the time that I had.

Level walkthrough

This video demonstrates my level from start to finish, it is a lot shorter and smaller than i original anticipated but it still works and shows off what i was trying to do. This is due to time restrictions and have problems with modular meshes along the way.

gameplay Idea's

The idea behind the gameplay of my level is that the player aquires special powers to take down a bounty target.

The player can teleport in this example which i replicated by attaching a triger to the character and with key button press this teleports the player to the trigger. This works ok and is ok for prototyping but would more in depth programming for a finished standard.

I also looked at AI and HUD in udk to prototype both of these work really nicely but same as the teleport mechanic only for prototyping purposes.

I also was going to create a mechanic that when the player dies they become a ghost and leave their body before respawning at a "hellgate" giving them a slight tactical advantage over enemies, however because of how i had set up the teleport mechanic this was no longer do able.

I looked at the folowing sites for tutorials for guidence:

Level sketchs

I started this project by craete a small sketch sheet showing the buildings and how modular assets will create them. This helped me to understand what assets I will need to create.

To do this first I looked into both are's of the theme of my game. Here are some examples of my reasrch images and my sketch page.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

inspirational people

Viktor Antanov, the art director on noticeable title such as Dishonored and  Half-Life 2. I really like Viktor's art style, i feel it is very stylized but still retains a high amount of detail giving it a unique feel.

Scoot Sinclair, the art director of the original bioshock has an amazing artist i find the strange yet kind of graphic look to his art style very interesting.

Jaime McNutty is part of the team at irrational is one of the environmental artists their. This is the career i would like to aspire for when leaving uni and maybe into a art director role later on in life