Friday, 9 November 2012

Sheild And Axe

We had a guest lecture from OJ of white paper games about hand painted texturing techniques. He gave us a model to texture of a axe and a sheild using the techniques he had shown us. I painted the texture all on one layer in photoshop, this was different to how I usually work but the end the result is much quicker and louser but overall looks nicer. After texturing the axe and sheild I decided to add a cartoony look to the model by rendering black lines around the edges of the model, This made the model stand out and look more unique. To add a little more depth I added a royality free texture over my uv and used blending options and changing the opacity to make it fit a little nicer.

"Axe and sheild front view"
"Axe and sheild back view"

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