Tuesday, 29 January 2013

combat idea's

These Idea's are for combat mechanics that could be used within our board game.

  • Dice based attack and defend system
This sytem works with 2 dice, one die represents defence and the other attack. The difference is taken off the players health. This mechanic removes most of the skill and stratergy from the player, this will more than probably make the game quite repetative so another combat system will work better. this however could be usefull during the early prototyping stages.
  • Equipment cards
The player will be given an equipment card everytime they spawn which is most times a weapon but always will be able to deal damage.
  • Attachment cards
These attachment cards can be placed upon your current equipment to give the player different effects wether it be enhanced movement to increased attack range.
  • Character HP
This is amount of health that the player has. When this deplieted the player has been killed. the player can only attack once per turn aslong as they are in range.
  • player re spawn
When the player dies they miss a turn, lose their current equipment and if they are holding the artifact they lose it to the person who killed them.
  • Event cards
The event cards can be played at any time after being picked up from certain place on the game board. These can either help your player with things like speed boosts or hinder the other players with things like alien attacks that kill them.

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