Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gears of War board game research

The gears of war board game is a spin off the xbox video game of the same name. I am mainly going to look at how the combat is simulated from the video game. The game is completely a cooperatively experience where the aim is to defeat the locust using teamwork and real life communication.

The main emphasis of the game is replicating the standoff style fire fights of the video game. This is done using a mixture of cards, dice and player position. The player is able to roll a die that tells them their defence, if the player is positioned within cover they are able to use more dice, increasing their defence. The player is able to fight back against the locust using weapon cards that deal a certain amount of damage and have a number of ammo which resembles uses, also some of the weapons have special abilities that work off rolling dice so have a random chance of happening.

This combat seems fun as it gives the player strategy to which weapons to use as well as how to use them. However this seems like it could be a little difficult to keep track off with different weapons.

"Weapon cards"

"Board game in play"

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